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" Before Jody I didn’t think good therapists existed! His sense of humor and unique approach of rationalizing everyday anxieties and worries has taught me so much. He’s taught me to laugh at life, and has given me countless tools to enjoy it and ease my anxiety. I am very fortunate that I chose Jody, every visit left me feeling hopeful and happier! "

- AL

I was referred to Jody by a dear friend while struggling through a severe family crisis. Not ever finding much relief through talk therapy I reluctantly decided to try again. It was the first time I ever left a therapist office feeling lighter and hopeful!

- JT

He can teach an old dog new tricks. It took me a while to buy into his suggestions and methods, but I must admit they have worked in family relations and also at work. He possesses a good sense of humor, and I feel comfortable confiding in him and hearing his suggestions.


Was referred to Jody Koval by my dear nephew who lost his Father to the addiction of alcoholism. His Father was my loving Brother. I too suffer from the same disease and am grateful that I am now "Blessed" to receive Professional Guidance from Jody every week. I was so "Broken" in August, 2016 when I initially began sharing some of my Demons with Jody. Today, approximately (6) months later, I am beginning to understand, as well as forgive myself because of this wonderful man. My weekly sessions are just as important to me today as living a good healthy life at the age of (61), without alcohol. I Sincerely Thank You, Jody.

- M H.

Jody has the rare ability to convey humor and compassion in his sessions. I look forward to our meetings and have learned a great deal from him."

- KR

...I want you to know though that I credit you with providing me the care I needed to rise up from the smoldering ash of my previous life. You were generous with the tissues for my tears and helping me find my sense of humor. You were there with me to celebrate my small steps and a few bigger ones! I am grateful that you have helped me always see hope I need to plan for success. There is no way I could have accomplished half of what I did if you weren’t cheering for me from the sidelines. In a few short months, you encouraged me to:

· Deal with my safety issues

· Have the courage to issue a restraining order

· Start the legal process

· Guided me through school, career, etc.

· Encouraged me every week!

· Listening to me wail and still having an encouraging way

· Etc. etc.

I remind myself when I am having a moment (there are many) that you always say “IT’S TEMPORARY’! That redundancy has helped immensely. Don’t ever stop say that to people! I have learned so much from you these past few months and thank you for all the courage you helped me muster up.

- BJ

After trying a few therapists in the past and not liking them, I had become totally against therapists (like many people). Then I found Jody! He has helped immensely with my overwhelming anxiety and PTSD and helped me gain the courage to face the challenges that kept me from having peace...I had gone out of state for well over a year for school and didn't waste any time after I came back to continue making weekly appointments! I'm beyond thankful for all your help Jody, thank you for being so awesome!

- RS

Jody Koval is an excellent therapist. I had the good fortune to meet with him weekly for almost a full year and I can honestly say that I am a better and kinder person because of our time together. My close relationships have also improved and my career has accelerated. Jody’s personal integrity, positive outlook and sincere desire to help me illuminated an exciting and rewarding life path that, at the age of 65, I had doubted still existed for me. I am so grateful to Jody for demonstrating through his own kindness, good humor and generosity how a self-actualized person can not only enjoy life, but benefit others in the process. I recommend Jody without hesitation to anyone seeking a dynamically better quality of life through therapeutic counseling.

- WH

Having tried a few therapists with bad experiences, I was reluctant to try another. I decided to give Jody a visit and am very thankful I did. Jody has drastically helped me to eliminate my anxiety as well as improve my quality of life. I highly recommend Jody.

- BO

Jody is a absolute professional, he has given me the tools I need to deal with my anxiety in a healthy way. He has helped me tremendously and continues to help me along my journey in life. Thank you so much, so glad I found the help I needed.

- MR

Jody Koval has been an inspiration and an optimistic therapist of mine for the past few years. Being a professional and educated myself, I appreciate his expertise, wisdom and knowledge. He has been instrumental in my growth and development in both my personal and career life. I have been able to improve my health and wellness overall or to maintain it. He takes care of himself and is an example of great health.

Personally, Jody has allowed me to examine my relationships and family influences in a reflective manner. This personal reflection has drawn on my personal strengths and my family strengths. I have improved communication and examples of improved relationships that over time have been appreciated. I have grown to a point where I am now happily married and the marriage is healthy and strong. Jody has provided me with communication tips that have been based in equity and a reciprocal respect.

I have started a business that has been successful and I have taken the risks that were needed to grow. He helped me navigate my career step by step with patience. I am very grateful for Jody’s help. He is the type of counselor that is engaging and may suggest a recipe or a restaurant or a travel destination. Additionally, he helps with specific career tips and advice. I am extremely indebted to Jody for all his help and my exponential growth in life.

-- PV

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